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  Relive the Magic...


Relive The Magic...

Started as a husband and wife company in January 2004, L&D Wedding Videos has grown over the years as a business that understands and adapts to the unique stresses and requirements involved with wedding events.  Our desire is to always cover your special event in such a way that we always “get the shot” without “getting in the way.”   We believe that communication is the key to avoid adding stress to an already stressful day, and that on your wedding day everyone needs to be in sync with the latest information and ready to go.  All you should have to be focused on is enjoying your special day.  From the moment we become your videographer you will have 24/7 access to our company for any questions or concerns.  We will be in constant contact with you and your family members, the vendors, the venue and all the other people and areas involved with your wedding.  Then, utilizing  the information we gather, we will develop unique “stealth” camera placement and operational methods that leave venues with even the most strict requirements for videography surprised at just how unobtrusive we are!

At L&D Wedding Videos, we don't just videotape weddings, we create precious memories that you will treasure and share with your friends and loved ones for the rest of your lives. Make the choice now to capture a treasure chest of living memories in a real life personalized video of your wedding day from L&D Wedding Videos. Contact us now for an appointment to plan your wedding event! 

                                                                         Larry & Diane Neulinger

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